4 things to simplify your website

4 things to simplify your website

1. Focus only on the essentials At first, it seems that everything is going well in its proper measure, nothing is lacking or nothing is leftover, but reaching a balance in content of any kind on a website is a task that needs a little more effort. It is difficult to be objective and prioritize what is really important when everything seems essential. If you want the design of your web page to comply with the rule of simplicity, you must be very clear about its objective; This is just like any...

Empathic web design

Empathic web design

Within the design process in a new project, it is essential to establish the potential users of the client, as well as their needs and wishes. This is where the user research phase comes in. A fundamental piece to design a final product that empathizes with the needs...


The complexity of simplicity in web design

People are overexposed to thousands of alternatives, and this has allowed the concept of simplicity to stand out as elegant, refined, and enviable. The Internet has been in recent years with a tremendous overload of ideas and content that has not overlooked design,...

The evolution of web design

Just like the infrastructure of a skyscraper. It must meet certain canons and goals, be efficient, sustainable, safe, etc. And on the outside, it has a design, an architectural style. It has shapes and figures. Perhaps in ancient times, the houses were built to...

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