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Every day more companies and individuals are present on the Internet through their own websites, some with a large infrastructure and a large budget, and others a little smaller, but eager to be among the largest. Being present on the Internet requires much more than having a site on top, a website today is no longer an ad wall, today interaction is preferred, and the permanent development of updates almost in real-time, to meet the changing needs of users.

The maintenance and updating of a website go through detailed analysis in relation to each result in its different sections, in this way priority is given to the most urgent that the site requires.

Software updates

Updating the CMS is the most important task of all, here we talk about the heart of the system that manages the content.

Many updates mean better functioning of the site, solutions to bugs and vulnerabilities, and also improving the security of the site and its users.

It requires permanent monitoring so that there are no very significant changes between updates, which could affect the operation of the site. Usually, it is not a great risk, but it is important to be constantly watching.


The backup copies in most cases are made by web servers, these are in charge of making a complete copy of the website and its contents, but it is recommended that complete backup copies be made within permanent maintenance and stored externally. , because if the server fails, the backups will also fail, obviously.

Backups are usually daily and complete, considering all the site’s databases and each of its web files.

More Optimizations

There are many optimizations that must be performed on a website constantly. In an environment as changing as browser updates, usage policies, legal requirements, etc. You always have to be vigilant and know how to optimize the site so that it adapts correctly to the current demands of the environment, and offers optimal performance.

Speed would be a key piece to measure how optimized the site is. But also the functions that it must fulfil, such as order management, contact forms, appointments, reservations, etc. In addition, it is not a secret that having a good SEO, does not have much to do with knowing how to “play” with keywords, it is an accumulation of many more actions, among which is having an optimized website with good performance.

Take a look at our web maintenance plans Dool Care we will take care that your website is as it should be.


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