The evolution of web design

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How we could define a website design? All this information and layout, images, features, etc. When we design a website we create interfaces to interact between information with the best possible experience to the user. Easily, intuitive, pleasing to the eye, and efficiently.

Just like the infrastructure of a skyscraper. It must meet certain canons and goals, be efficient, sustainable, safe, etc. And on the outside, it has a design, an architectural style. It has shapes and figures.

Perhaps in ancient times, the houses were built to satisfy needs that today are almost extinct in most developed countries. I am sure that in an undeveloped country with many basic needs, it will be enough for houses to have only one bathroom. And surely in ancient, that would have been enough for everyone too. Now we seek to satisfy needs that more than needs, I would say that they are extras and luxuries because most of them are not essential, but after all, they are necessary today. Currently, some interior designers and decorators even spend time studying the feelings that a particular space in the house conveys. The effects that they will generate on the learning and intellectual development of children in a kindergarten, depending on the color of the walls, the sunlight available, etc. We are becoming more exquisite, more detailed, more precise.

And that’s okay. Everything is done for a particular reason that achieves a specific goal.

On a website, there are also those sensations. There is a design process for the experience that a user will have when visiting the web, and what interface they will have to achieve a specific goal. A user experience design implicitly carries an emotional induction to an intangible virtual dimension, but close, the interface becomes natively into the language of communication between the information, the product or the service, and the visitor, in a way that this can flow through the designed paths to reach the target. Therefore, saying that we are going to design a website is not just a set of information accompanied by images, links, and audiovisual content, it is much more than that.

The important thing is to do what is right and necessary, with elegance and minimalism.


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